Who is Kevin?

Kevin Kane at Mont-Royal's lookout point in Montreal

At Mont-Royal's lookout point in Montreal

I’m a speaker, facilitator and writer.

My career trek has included roles as a technology sales representative, and as a logistics coordinator. I was most productive in these roles when I was presenting, facilitating, and writing, because this is what I’m good at and what I love to do. Even in high school and university, I was usually the guy that presented on behalf of the group and edited the group’s report.

I volunteer with Junior Achievement. I lead workshops which help young people succeed in business, develop work-readiness skills, practice entrepreneurship, and learn financial literacy.

I was a Logistics Account Manager when my previous employer filed bankruptcy. I decided to make a career transition from logistics to a new career involving more of my best talents and passions, which broadly defined, are speaking, facilitating, and writing.

I’m enjoying meeting people in related professions, as I learn, experiment and role-play with possibilities for my next career.

For fun, I like volunteering with Junior Achievement. I build my leadership and speaking skills, and support my club members, in Toastmasters. I love weight training. Though I don’t play anymore, I’m still a tennis fan. I’m a vociferous reader, especially in the areas of business, leadership, productivity, communication, technology, sales and influence.

I have a BA in Psychology from the University of Waterloo, and several CITT logistics courses under my belt.

At the deepest level, I’m a teacher. My mission is to lead by example, to contribute helpful ideas, and to share positive stories, just as my role models and mentors have done for me.

I live with my girlfriend in Markham, Ontario.

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