Get free and unlimited cell phone calls in Canada

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. He can't afford his cellphone bill, either.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper: He can't afford his cell phone bill, either.

Raise your hand if you live in Canada. Keep it raised if you have a cell phone. Raise it still if you pay too little for your cell phone plan.

It’s a tragic irony that Canada – the country which gave us the telephone and the BlackBerry – is notorious for having among the world’s worst mobile phone rates!

You do not have to put up with it any longer!

This article’s title is not a joke: You can get unlimited daytime minutes and unlimited long-distance on your cell phone in Canada for just $2.99 a month.

I’m not selling anything. I’ve just found a simple approach that works, and I want to share it.

My friend Alex Frakking explained how to get free outbound and inbound calls using the method I discuss below. With Alex’s blessing, I wrote this guide to share a few tips that make using this system even simpler. Follow the steps below:

8 steps to unlimited daytime minutes and unlimited long-distance

  1. Get a Skype To Go phone number. (Choose a number in your local area code.)
  2. Buy a few dollars of Skype Credit to get started, or buy Skype’s Unlimited US & Canada plan for $2.99 per month.
  3. Get a phone number. (Choose a number in your local area code.)
  4. Login to your FreePhoneLine account. Set your “followme settings” to “Always /Forward/” as shown below:
  5. call-forwarding settings (Click for a larger image).

  6. Add a FollowMe number. (The FollowMe number receives forwarded calls.) Input your mobile phone number as your FollowMe number.
  7. Phone your mobile carrier’s customer service department. If you don’t already have it, ask the customer service representative to give you either Rogers’ MY5 plan, Bell’s Fab Five plan, or any plan that allows you to make unlimited calls to at least two numbers. Add your Skype To Go and FreePhoneLine numbers to your MY5 (or  similar) plan.
  8. Install a calling-card dialing-application (CCDA) on your mobile phone. I use BlackBerry EasyDialer. The EasyDialer software license is a one-time-payment of $9.99. (Without a CCDA it is inconvenient to make calls with Skype to Go. I recommend EasyDialer or your preferred CCDA.)
  9. Setup your CCDA to make calls to your Skype To Go number. If you use EasyDialer, make your “Calling Card Details” screen look like this (and input your Skype To Go number as the “Service Number”):
  10. Setup your BlackBerry EasyDialer setup screen like this to have EasyDialer make outgoing calls with Skype To Go

    Setup your BlackBerry EasyDialer screen (as pictured here) to have EasyDialer make calls with your Skype To Go number.

Now you’re ready to make unlimited daytime and long-distance calls in the U.S. and Canada with Skype To Go, and to receive calls with FreePhoneLine:

Make calls with Skype To Go using your Calling-Card Dialing-Application

  • To call a number from your mobile’s address book: Select the contact, and then call the contact’s number using your CCDA. E.g., using EasyDialer: go to the address book; search for your contact; press the BlackBerry menu button; select “Call with EasyDialer.” (This calls the contact using Skype To Go: First, EasyDialer calls your Skype To Go number. Second, once connected to Skype To Go, EasyDialer automatically calls your contact’s number. Note: your contact will see that the call is coming from your mobile number, not your Skype To Go number.)
  • To call a number not in your address book: Go to your mobile’s phone screen; dial the number; instead of pressing the “call” button, make the call with your CCDA. E.g., using EasyDialer: Go the phone application; dial the number; press the menu button; select “Call with EasyDialer.”

Receive calls with FreePhoneLine forwarding to your cell phone

Calls to your mobile number during your daytime minutes use your mobile plan’s limited daytime minutes. Once you exceed your limit, we all know our carriers charge us (a lot!).

You charged me 15 f***ing cents a MINUTE for every minute I exceeded my daytime minutes!

You charged me 15 f***ing cents for every MINUTE over my daytime minutes!

To prevent calls to your mobile number from exceeding your plan’s daytime minutes, encourage people to call your FreePhoneLine number instead of your mobile number (FreePhoneLine forwards calls to your mobile):

  • List your FreePhoneLine number as your mobile number in your social networking profiles (on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)  and in your email signature
  • When people ask for your mobile number, give them your FreePhoneLine number

I adopted this system two months ago (with Rogers as my carrier). I’ve drastically reduced my cell phone bill while enjoying unlimited daytime calling and unlimited long-distance calls in the US and Canada! It works for me and Alex; it will work for you, too.

Share your questions, tips, and experiences in the comments below.


2 Responses to Get free and unlimited cell phone calls in Canada

  1. Kevin Kane says:

    Freephoneline is a terrific company. They offer a device which connects to your home router to give you similar unlimited calling with a home-phone. You can use Freephoneline to eliminate your home-phone bill, too.

  2. Kevin Kane says:

    A note about text messaging: If people text your FreePhoneLine number, they can only leave a text-to-voice message (since the FreePhoneLine number is a land phone line).

    When someone sends a text to your FreePhoneLine number, you receive a call from the person on your mobile. When you answer, you hear a computer’s voice speaking the person’s text message.

    If you want to receive text on your mobile, use instant messaging, email, or just ask people to send text messages to your mobile number.

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